Frugal Budget Tip

So you feel like a hamster spinning your wheel?
The faster you run, the faster the wheel spins.
Just when you get a raise, you notice the price of hamster wheels jumps!

Here is a super-charged budget-cutting tip.

One of the biggest wastes of money is restaurant meals.
You can cook a meal at home for about 50 cents a plate. Just put leftovers in the microwave, and Presto!

Those same leftovers cost a lot more at a restaurant. They call it "the buffet", and they sell it to you for $12.

Consider also the steak dinner that costs, say, $7 at home. At the restaurant, you pay $16 for the same meal. Or, if you want fancy napkins, $40.

Funny thing about eating at home; you don't pay tax.
But step into a restaurant, and guess who jumps in: "Hello, my name is Taxman. I'll be your waiter tonight. Would you like to start with something to drink? Perhaps a very nice glass of wine? That will be 50 cents, plus the price of the wine, of course."


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