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Before Considering Debt Consolidation

If you believe in the good in people then you probably also believe that few people take out loans, or other forms of credit, with the intention of skipping the loan repayment.
With credit counselling, debt consolidation, and even bankruptcy on the rise, it's a little hard to believe in the good in people.
But at least many are making that last attempt at making good on their debts through debt consolidation before heading straight to bankruptcy.

It's no wonder that so many are having to turn to debt consolidation these days.
The average household debt in this country is close to $10,000.
Much of that is credit card debt with the average consumer carrying 8-10 of the little buggers.
Debt continues to rise steadily every year, as does the interest associated with carrying that debt.
Debt consolidation is obviously an appealing solution to those who have become buried in the stress of their finances.

Debt consolidation can be beneficial in combining all of your credit card payments into one lower monthly payment.
Debt consolidation can save you a large amount of money right out of the gate by reducing or eliminating penalties and interest previously accumulated.
Reduction of your average interest rate is almost always a benefit of debt consolidation as well as keeping you from having to file bankruptcy to escape the mounting pressure.

As with any financial decision, debt consolidation needs careful consideration.
You should be aware of all of the options available to you and how each one will affect your credit, how long it will affect your credit, and how your bottom line will be affected.
Debt consolidation is a simple solution for some, but may just add fuel to the fire for others with more complex issues.
Just make sure that, whatever solution you turn to, you take the life lessons regarding finances and credit with you to your next credit decision.


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